“Where are NA, CMA, Al-Anon or AA meetings near me?”

Where are NA, CMA, Al-Anon or AA meetings near me?

Pink Cloud is an app that will help you connect to over 225,000 anonymous 12 step programs around the world. We also have great tools to track your sobriety. Pink Cloud is safe, free and anonymous. We never store your information. Download Pink Cloud now and start mapping out your recovery journey.

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Find a 12 Step Program Near You

Pink Cloud makes it super easy to find meetings and track your sobriety. Just click the filter to locate meetings for your fellowship. We currently have meetings listed for AA, NA, CMA, and Al-Anon. Here are the stats:

174,000+ Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in 32 countries

46,000+ Narcotics Anonymous meetings everywhere in the world

600+ Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings everywhere in the world

13,000+ Al-Anon meetings & Alateen meetings everywhere in the United States

Using “Rooms” with search filters (location, program type, distance, time, etc.), you can find a meeting near you with an interactive map and info about that meeting. Bookmark your favorites, set reminders, and get directions all within the Pink Cloud app.

Rooms is free for 30 days. After that you can get Rooms three ways: $0.99/month (1 Month Subscription), $4.99/6 months (6 Month Subscription), and $9.99/year (1 Year Subscription).

Track Your Sobriety with Other Pink Cloud App Features

Pink Cloud also has a bunch of awesome features that are always free.

Sobriety: enter your birthday or sobriety anniversary and see how long you’ve been sober up to the day. Track your meeting attendance to make sure you’re hitting enough meetings. Use the in-app tools to work on your current step.

Program: Pink Cloud has a daily checklist built into the app that you can customize. You can make inventories, track resentments, and build momentum with other useful sober habits.

Notes: The notes feature helps you easily write down thoughts and notes related to your sobriety. Want to talk something over with your sponsor? Heard something great at a meeting? Use notes!

Contacts: Call, text or email your sober friends right from the app with our secure interface.

Download the Free, Anonymous Pink Cloud App

Pink Cloud is always free to download. We never store your data. It lives on your phone. Download the Pink Cloud app for iPhone and Android today and start your journey.

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