Step 2

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Ok great so now you’ve told me that I’m powerless and that my life has become unmanageable. You better give me something quick otherwise I’m going to be in trouble.

This brings us to Step 2: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Kind of makes sense doesn’t it? If I’m powerless, what do I need? I need a power. And I need a power that is greater than myself and greater than my addiction. My addiction has already been a power greater than me that’s been running my show for a long time. I need to rely on a different power that is bigger than that.

So I start coming to meetings and hearing about how others have recovered. I come (to the meetings) to believe that if others could do this then maybe I can too. That guy sitting over there used to be a fall down drunk and now he’s a well adjusted and contributing member of society. Maybe there’s something to this. Maybe it’s possible for me.

Well what about the insanity part? Insanity has often been described as repeating the same actions and expecting different results. Many of us have continued to drink despite negative and worsening consequences. Yet we continue. Does that sound like doing the same thing and expecting different results? We can go through all sorts of mental acrobatics to rationalize these behaviors. Maybe it was the type of alcohol I drank that night, or I shouldn’t have taken that route home because there’s always cops on that road, or my boss is giving me a real hard time and I deserve it. As it states in the chapter in the Big Book “More About Alcoholism” the “list goes on ad infinitum.” That means to infinity.

Once we can realize that all the ways that we have tried to manage our drinking were actually insane and that others might help us tap into a power greater than ourselves that can restore us (and has restored them) to sanity we are ready to take Step Two. Working Step Two is part action and part a state of mind. Here are some ways that we can take action in working Step Two in addition to the ones already mentioned. Listening to the guidance of our sponsor. Reading the Big Book. Attending meetings. Taking suggestions from other sober alcoholics with experience working a program of recovery. Listening more and talking less.

So to review. Step Two is beginning of accepting that maybe there is a better way than the way that we have been running things. It’s about humbling ourselves to the possibility that our best thinking got us here. There are various actions we take and attitudes we can have that will help us work Step Two. We can be restored to sanity. Every time that we walk into a meeting, talk with a newcomer, share, or call our sponsor we are working Step Two. We are coming to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity.