I'm Too Young To Get Sober

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People are joining the ranks of 12 step recovery at much younger ages now. But many of those people are still thinking to themselves I’m way too young to get sober. There’s even an AA pamphlet about it. We get it. We’ve been there. And we’ve felt that way too. Until we realized there was no other choice.

We thought about all the reasons why we were too young to get sober...

We thought no one will want to date me, or marry me for that matter. Nonsense. Being sober and responsible and knowing how to have fun without a drink makes you totally attractive. Plus, who wouldn’t want to date someone they can count on?

We thought my friends won’t hang out with me anymore. If they’re your real friends, they will. Enough said.

We thought about doing a champagne toast at our wedding? Have the caterer split in some sparkling cider and nobody will be any the wiser.

But instead of thinking of all the things you’re going to miss out on, you could also think about all the things that you’re going to get to do. And also breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to worry about your drinking messing it up.

Are you single? Think about having a beautiful sober wedding.

Don’t have kids? Think about how your kids (when you have them) won’t ever see you act like an idiot while drinking. Or, that you won’t put them in danger with your actions while drinking.

Do you have kids? Well, think about all the memories you’ll get to build with them without drinking in the mix.

What about your career? While all of your friends are going out and showing up to work hungover and blowing their money on beer you could be building a career and saving for retirement.

Pretty awesome right?

When you really start to break it down all the reasons for not stopping at a young age are pretty silly. The reasons to stop are too many to count.

Consider this story. A friend of Pink Cloud who got sober at a young age told us that she was once at a meeting where she told her story. She was pretty early on in sobriety at that time. After the meeting people were coming up to speak with her and thank her as is customary. One woman, a little on in her years, came up to this young woman and looked her right in the eyes. She said, “I only wish that I could have gotten sober at your age. Think of all the pain and heartache I could have saved myself and others.“ At that point she had been sober about the same amount of time as our friend.

But there is a third person in that story that needs to be mentioned. Because, the truth is that not everyone gets to get sober. It’s truly a gift. New AA members are often told to buy a suit. Not an interview suit. Another kind of suit. A funeral suit. Because not everyone makes it. Too many young people think that they have one more relapse. That third person is the one who doesn’t make it back.

Still think you’re too young?