Staying Sober While Staying Home?

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So you’re telling me that I have a disease that’s chronic and incurable. And I have to go to meetings for the rest of my life? And now you’re telling me that there’s this other disease that’s spreading across the world that’s making all those meetings that I’m supposed to go to shut down? That’s right we’re talking about some pretty unprecedented circumstances in the recovery world. And everywhere for that matter.

So we’re bringing you this special edition Pink Cloud Blog Post on how to maintain your sobriety while staying home. And not just stay sober but stay sane as well.

First and foremost, use that telephone. The telephone is a key tool at any time in your recovery. But now more than ever it’s super important to connect. If you were calling three people a day, call six. Call your normie friends. Call your family. Call Ghostbusters. Call everybody. We need to connect. Addiction thrives in isolation.

Take advantage of video meetings using services like Zoom and Google Hangouts. Pink Cloud will release an awesome new update soon for joining a ton of video meetings everywhere. And they don’t even need to be in your city for you to attend. You could meet some really cool people too.

Get regular exercise. Many cities have enacted shelter-in-place regulations. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a walk around your neighborhood. Get a brisk pace going and get the blood pumping.

Eat healthy. A lot of us are home cooking for ourselves. That means that we can make some really healthy meals. Don’t just rely on frozen or packaged foods. But don’t forget to also treat yourself with some cookies and ice cream here and there.

Remember the saying this too shall pass. It’s easy to feel like a whiny kid in the car crying “Are we there yet?” But this period of isolation much like many other insufferable things we’ve had to endure will eventually come to an end.

Think about us rather than me. You know how when you’ve been sober a little while and you’re like I don’t need to go to as many meetings? Well that’s kind of like saying I don’t need to follow the shelter-in-place rules because I’m young and healthy. Even if I get it, I’m not high risk. I’ll be fine. We’re following these guidelines not because of individual risk but because of systemic risk. The more we protect one another the more we protect ourselves. Kind of like the fellowship.

Remember the history of AA. When Bill and Dr. Bob started AA it was just the two of them out there trying to find other alcoholics to talk to. They didn’t have apps or meeting guides or anything. They had to make it happen. AA is built upon a rich tradition of personal initiative and finding ways to connect with people. That spirit of recovery lives within all of us who are part of this fellowship. And it is a power greater than ourselves we can call upon now.

And lastly, remember to put things into perspective. We alcoholics like our routines and usually don’t like change. So these can certainly be trying times. But also try to remember the things that are going well. Do you have a roof over your head? Did you eat today? Did you avoid a drink today? Do you have friends and family who love you?

We stopped drinking and using and made it through the hell of active addiction. We can get through this too. Stick together. Reach out and help each other. Stay connected. Keep the faith. Before we know it we’ll be back at our regular meeting wondering “Who made this coffee?”