Resource: Dr. Gigi Langer

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A resource we’d consider adding to our toolbox is Gigi Langer, PhD who has been sober 34 years. She also has a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education and an MA in Psychology, both from Stanford University. She was a professor at Eastern Michigan University, where she won several awards for her teaching.

Gigi used to be a prisoner of her worries who used alcohol, romance, and professional accomplishments to calm her nerves. She now helps people worry less and reject negative thinking.

While adding a person to your toolbox might not seem practical, fortunately, Gigi is easily accessible. She has a website,, which has, among other things, a great blog, Worry Less Now, with lots of detailed entries. Her blog posts could help teach you to worry less. If you prefer hearing or seeing her, instead of reading, there are links to her appearances on podcasts, including some with videos.

If you’d like to learn more in-depth skills from Gigi, get her book, 50 Ways to Worry Less Now where she explains how she stopped drinking and began applying tools from therapy, recovery pro­grams, scientific research, and a variety of philosophical and spiritual teachings to overcome her anxieties and stress. The book teaches you how to defeat dysfunctional relationships, perfectionism, addiction, and worries about loved ones.

We hope you check Gigi out and see if you’d like to add her to your toolbox. Here are some places to find out more about Gigi: