Resource: Dopey Podcast

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If you’ve read one of our blog posts, you were reading our original content, written by someone on our team with over 15 years in the program. We hope our posts help you or someone else. This is our first post about other resources that could be a part of your sober toolbox. Please feel free to message us through the app’s “Send Us Feedback” feature if you have feedback or suggestions about other Resources we could post about in the future!

OK, now that all that housekeeping is done…. We’re grateful that we recently partnered with Dopey Podcast. Dopey is one of the premier self-help podcasts that focuses on recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, in a comedic manner. Dopey’s growing audience has already totaled over 2 million downloads and averages roughly 20,000 listeners per weekly episode. For nearly 5 years, Dopey has grown in appeal with individuals inside and outside of traditional recovery programs by presenting the experience, strength and hope of individuals from all walks of life. 

Guests of Dopey have included Jamie Lee Curtis, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Marc Maron. Back in 2019, Dopey was featured on the popular NPR series “This American Life”, it was then replayed again back in January, this is the link for that episode: That episode goes through the history of the Dopey podcast and will give an idea of why the “Dopey Nation” are such a devoted bunch.

Dopey celebrates recovery from addiction and supports all the methods people use to get there, including medication assisted therapy.

We hope you check Dopey out to see if it is something you’d like to add to your toolbox. Here are some places to look to find out more about Dopey: