The Characters of AA

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We’ve all run into some characters at an AA meeting. Here are some funny ones that we’ve encountered throughout the years.

Big Book Bob

This guy is all about the Big Book. Library card? Doesn’t need one. Every one thing you need to know about sobriety, and life for that matter, is contained within its pages. Sometimes he’ll share and simply read from the Big Book. He carries it around with him at all times. Sometimes you’ll see it conspicuously sitting on the edge of his table at the Diner. He’s not afraid to broadcast to the world his love of the Big Book.

Cross Talk Cathy

While her shares are not technically cross-talk, you can’t help but think that everything she says is somehow a retort to all of the shares that came before hers.

I’ll Sponsor You Ivan

This guy is always on the prowl for new sponsees. And you probably don’t want him to sponsor you. Be careful mentioning that you’re looking for sponsor in front of him lest he say “I’ll be your temporary sponsor.” This is not true. He wants to sponsor you for eternity and run your life.

Two Step Tammi

She’s been sober for about five seconds and she’s got the fervor of the converted. Ready to tap dance down Main Street playing a flute and summoning drunks off bar stools in every establishment that she passes. She’s on fire and she’s not afraid to tell you all about it.

Service Sam

Everything else about this guy's life could be falling apart, but as long as he has a service commitment, he’s good to go. He takes the slogan service will set you free to new levels. He can sweep the floor and put away chairs and make coffee with the best of them. But, you might not necessarily want what he has.

Drunkalogue Debbie

She rarely shares about the solutions but her drunk stories are just so damn funny and amusing that you don’t even care. She could get up to tell her story and instead of splitting it into three equal parts you get 19 minutes and 30 seconds of all of her crazy escapades and then 30 seconds at the end of yeah recovery is pretty sweet thanks AA and so on. We hope that she’s doing well in recovery. But by her shares you would think that she’s actually out there still tearing it up every night.

Guru Gary

Guru Gary is a total newcomer whisperer. These new guys just barely sober flock to him like moths to a flame. They’ll hang out at his house, they’ll mow his lawn, and they’ll even work for him in some cases. He’s like your crazy entertaining uncle except he’s got 30 years of sobriety. A lot of times he doesn’t even act that sober, though. Maybe that’s why the newcomers like him so much.

Angry Allison

She doesn’t wanna be in an AA meeting, or sober for that matter. And, she has no qualms about letting everybody know it. She can work the entire room into a frenzy of laughter with some of her flourishes about how ridiculous the AA program is. We’ve all been there but she’s actually one of the people who has the guts to say it to a room full of people. And we all know just to give her time that she’ll come around eventually. But boy right now is she pissed.

What kind of characters have you seen in your AA meetings?