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Read recovery resources, articles, news and guides on the Pink Cloud Sobriety Blog for users of our meeting finder app. The road to recovery is not a journey to be made alone. It could be helpful to have a companion. The Pink Cloud app and sobriety blog are among those helpful tools and companions to assist you in attending addiction meetings, long-term recovery and living sober.

How Many Meetings Do I Have to Go to to Get Sober?

Meeting attendance is a bit of a tricky topic. And there is not a one size fits all answer for everyone. What we do know for sure, however, is that attending as many meetings as possible early on is a good plan. Many sponsors and alcoholics with long time sobriety will strongly recommend doing a “90 in 90,” which means 90 meetings in 90 days. To some this may seem extreme. And, yes, it does require a commitment. But, bear in mind that you’ve most likely been making it to drinking on a daily basis. So, think of the time you’ve spent there. So, laying a solid foundation of both the principles of recovery and a network of other sober people that you can lean on for support is crucial to establish early on.

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What Do I Tell My Friends or Family About Why I’m Not Drinking Anymore?

Making a commitment to stop drinking is a decision that not only affects us but also the people closest to us. First, take a moment to honor yourself for committing to getting healthy and improving your life. Great job! Choosing whether or not to disclose your decision to stop drinking and/or work a program, and who to disclose it to, is ultimately your choice. We have found that that consultation with other members of the program and our sponsors to be helpful in this process. Their experience, strength and hope can provide you with some insights as you navigate your decision.

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Do I Have to Stop Drinking Forever?

Forever feels like a long time, doesn’t it? That’s why one of the most important slogans in the program is “One Day at a Time.” If we focus on not drinking one day at a time, rather than thinking about not being able to have a champagne toast at our granddaughters wedding, it’s a lot more manageable.

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How Do I Go to Social Functions Anymore Without Drinking?

Social functions as a newly sober alcoholic can be a little tricky. So it’s important to utilize a number of the tools of the program to make sure you are successful. Just because you are sober doesn’t mean that you stop being social or stop living your life. However, it is important to acknowledge our own motives as we make decisions around attending social functions. Attending your sister’s wedding and staying sober is much different from watching the ball game at the bar with your friends and pounding seltzers all night. Early on it’s a good idea to run these decisions past a sponsor or other people with experience in the program.

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